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DCWW is dedicated to wedding industry professionals everywhere. The week long event is hosted in Washington, DC with experiences happening all around the city. Industry professionals come together to connect, share stories, enjoy experiences, and opportunities offline and in-person. Experiences include industry focused panel style conversations, workshops and social events.

Launched in April 2018, the vision for DCWW was to celebrate and showcase the local wedding “community” in a way that is diverse, creative, and focused on bringing professionals together through experiences. In it’s first year, DCWW hosted 300+ industry professionals with various backgrounds, years of experience, markets and talents.

Midway through the week of events and after talking to professionals who attended from as far as New York, Creator and Wedding Planner Jasmine Smith realized the need to expand her vision to include industry professionals from all over the U.S. coming together every year while hosting micro events throughout the year.

The Mission

Cultivate a diverse experience and space for wedding industry professionals to gather, share, celebrate and inspire one another for the good of the industry, our businesses and our couples.

Who Should Attend

Planners. Photographers. DJs. Florists. Officiants. Caterers. Stationery Designers. Musicians. Entertainers. Decor Designers. Rental Companies. If you are part of making the wedding day happen, DC Wedding Week is for you.